Green & Blue Striped Guitar Strap

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My son is a guitar player and the inspiration behind the guitar straps I design. He was at band practice one night and ended up having his guitar, amp, cords, pedals and guitar straps stolen. A couple of days later I decided to make him some special guitar straps and used my weaving to make them. Once he started performing with them, his band mates and other guitarists were requesting them!!

I've reinforced the ultra suede guitar ends with a thick stabilizer and the strap itself has batting for a more cushioned, durable strap. My handwoven fabrics and complimentary batik linings produce a beautiful strap that is set apart from the other straps on the market. These straps easily hold the heaviest of solid body guitars as well as hollow body guitars. I've made them adjustable with durable hardware to fit the guitarists' need for different lengths and added a PICK POCKET for your extra picks. They're a very unique, one of a kind handwoven guitar strap and make a great gift for the guitarist!

This strap is 2" wide & adjustable to approximately 65"

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