August Yarn Club - Whittier, Alaska

August Yarn Club - Whittier, Alaska

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The August Yarn Club is going to Whittier, Alaska.  I've had the pleasure of traveling to Alaska a few times and my favorite place to visit has always been where ever the glaciers are.  These beautiful, icy masses are the accumulation and compaction of layers of snow that form some of the most beautiful shades of blue ice.  It really is a jaw dropping experience to see a large section break off and fall into the the water.  We watched the floating pieces of ice go by and sometimes there would be a sea otter lounging on them.  I found so many beautiful things to see and inspire me in Alaska.  Won't you come travel with me?

I'll ship out your club around the 5th of each month and it will only be offered through the last day of the previous month or until it sells out.

I'm so excited to offer you an exclusive colorway each month. You'll have to option to choose from different bases and skein sizes. I've traveled a great deal in my 60+ years and everywhere I go, I'm inspired by the buildings, flowers, bodies of water, local art as well as the people living in these beautiful places. Each month I'll come up with a colorway that's inspired by one of the places I've visited.

This is not a subscription. Each month you'll have the option of signing up for a different adventure. Price includes the yarn in the base of your choice or my fiber offering plus other little goodies. Hope you'll join and travel with me. 

PLEASE order the club separately from other purchases, unless you want it all shipped together.


85/15 SW Merino Nylon - 4ply, 100g 437 yards

75/25 SW Merino Nylon - 4ply, 100g 463 yards

80/20 SW Merino Nylon - 4ply, 115g 434 yards (wool and milling from the USA)

Mini Skein Set - 85/15 SW Merino Nylon - 5 - 20g skeins, each 87 yds total 435 yards (One mini in the club colorway and 4 minis that coordinate with the yarn club colorway)

2 matching 50g skeins - 85/15 SW Merino Nylon - 2 each - 4ply 50g 218 yards

Add a mini skein - this mini skein will be in the same base as the larger skein you've ordered and will be in contrast to the Yarn Club colorway.

*The pictures I use for my yarn club listings are photos from my own personal travels*