100% Polwarth  Top
100% Polwarth  Top
100% Polwarth  Top
100% Polwarth  Top
100% Polwarth  Top

100% Polwarth Top

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Fiber: 100% Polwarth 
Colorway: Blueberry Stain
Weight: approximately 4 ounces

100% Polwarth is a perfect choice for spinning or felting and is one of my personal favorites. The silk adds such a lovely sheen to it and another detention to the yarn you create with it. It's super soft and luxurious!

The breed was developed in Australia, where they crossed Merino rams wit Merino/Lincoln ewes. They're also found in South America and the Falkland islands. Cultivated silk is harvested from silk worms that are raised in captivity specifically for their beautiful silk threads. Silk is one of the strongest fibers in the world.

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